Casa 3 Architecture Team

Coordinated by three architects with diverse experiences in the market, Casa 3 Arquitetura team brings together expertise in developing solutions and methods for design and project management in the areas of enterprise architecture, commercial architecture and residential architecture.

Ricardo Nunes
Ricardo NunesUrbanist Architect
Ricardo Nunes is an architect planner, from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in 1983 and MBA Lato Sensu – MBA Sustainable Buildings: Design and Performance for the CPU – Catholic University of Petropolis in partnership with the NITS (Center for Innovation and Technology Sustainability) and Brazil GBC (Green Building Council Brazil) completed in 2011, with over 30 years experience in the design, planning and construction management. Certified at the course title “Management Indicators and Quality”.
Sonia Acciaris
Sonia AcciarisUrbanist Architect
Sonia Acciaris , graduated in Architecture and Urbanism by UFRJ – “Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro” in 1986, with over 25 years experience in corporative interior design, certified at the professional updating course titled “Design and Technical Specification of Office Interiors” from the Chamber of Architects and Consultants, in 2007, certified at the course titled “Corporate Architecture” from the “Program of Training and Development Professionals Confea / Crea”, in 2009 and certified at the course titled “Commercial Lighting & Lighting of Offices” from the Bramante Institute of Architecture and Design, in 2010.
Guilherme Calvo
Guilherme CalvoUrbanist Architect
Guilherme Calvo is an architect planner graduated in Architecture by UFRJ “Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro” in 1999 and Master in Project Management also from UFRJ, in 2005. Certified at “Construction Management” Course by the Chamber of Architects and Consultants, in São Paulo. Certified at “MS Project” course by RJN – Project Management Solutions. With over 15 years of experience in company implementation, with planning and controlling projects in corporate and commercial matters.