Architecture Projects

Casa 3 Arquitetura, with a 30 year-plus experience in the market, works with the conception and execution of projects as well as corporate, commercial and residence management.

Expertise and sensitivity surround the projects to combine technique and art with a rational and creative use of the proposed spaces, respecting the particular needs of every client.

Market demands trigger the company to go through a constant update and modernization process, searching for brand new information on ergonomics, accessibility, SHE (Safety, Environment and Health) and Project Management.

Practice Areas

  • Architecture Projects
  • Compatibility Projects
  • Project Management
  • Planning and Construction Management
  • Construction & Remodeling

Work Management

Proposal for architecture, commercial and preliminary estimate of costs.

– Conducting briefing and interviews with conceptual analysis;
– Property valuation through visits;
– Viability study of development with descriptive text;
– Development of plants and / or volumetric studies;
– Preliminary survey -based costs in the viability study;
– Early study and suggestion of work steps.

Analysis of the physical area to be occupied.

– Millimeter site survey containing architecture and infrastructure;
– Quantitative and qualitative survey of the furniture and its equipment by sector;
– Lifting established standards;
– Technical evaluation of existing standards and disbursements for multimedia, air conditioning and security system, cabling, IT room, UPS, generator, access control systems, telephone exchange, etc.

Technical and physical requirements needs.

– Developing flowchart, ground plane and vertical zoning, identification of sectors, jobs and equipment;
– Measurement of the technical areas;
– Observation of the aspects of environmental comfort, ergonomics and accessibility, and technological (construction systems, strength and durability of materials, system of facilities and desired standards) and economic (appropriate relationship between costs, benefits, durability and standard);
– Regulatory compliance and / or law.

Initial setup of the architectural solution proposta with suggestions for finishes and furnishings.

– Initial configuration of architectural party;
– Study of the functional interrelationships with launch of occupation proposal;
– Preliminary indication finishes with alternative options;
– Development of computer model (optional);
– Analytical study layout;
– Preliminary contact with the condo management to initiation of the logistics study.

Approval of design and preparation of bids and tenders.
– Final configuration of the architecture solution, with the preliminary study already approved by the client;
– Preparation of plans detailing the solutions created in the previous phase;
– Preparation of technical projects: electric, hydraulic, telephony, lighting, air conditioning, computers, detection and prevention of fire, signaling, etc., taking care of the compatibility between the projects involved;
– Study of the use of materials, with definition of finishes and presented in descriptive history;
– Preparation of tenders for procurement and competition;
– Referral of project approval to the competent agencies;
– Technical Projects Presentation;
– Initiation of work planning.
Completion and delivery of executives, schedule and budget projects.

– Set of documents produced in convenient scales, of all elements of the work or service, necessary for accurate interpretation and understanding of the project: space plan (landscape, open plan, etc.), civil, paging floors and wall cladding, ceiling lowering (lining), partitions, finishes specification, canopy and plant health, joinery, detailing, etc.
– Compatibility between the projects involved in the process;
– Consolidation of physical and financial schedules;
– Development of analytical spreadsheets to compare proposals submitted by suppliers ;
– Measures necessary to start the work, as the written consent of the condo.

Monitoring the work through periodic reports with physical and financial spreadsheets.

– Starting meeting of the Society, with the participation of managers of all companies involved in the process;
– Organization and control of project execution, to the schedule of meetings and visits to work at predetermined periods;
– Supervision of daily work;
– Control and authorization of collections and payments;
– Regular update schedule and control the cost and quality of materials and services;
– Coordination and control of the project development stages;
– Preparation of the periodic report, with measurements in percentage of services performed, controls tables of work materials, photographic equipment, tables and financial control spreadsheets and meeting minutes.

Support local implementation of the company, arrangements and final adjustments and contract closure.

– Carrying out final arrangements;
– Supply of plants of ‘ as built ‘ of Architecture and Technical projects for the Work documentation file;
– Technical support for change;
– Provision of documents to the constant work documentation file manuals and equipment of guarantee certificates, ARTs, permits City Hall, GEM, Fire Department, suppliers and memorials;
– Provision of proposals for the necessary maintenance;
– Maintenance and repairs.